Software Used

Each project was made from scratch from different software.

Adobe After Effects CC

2D/3D Compositing, animation, Rotoscoping visual effects, motion graphics

Maxon Cinema 4D

3D Modeling, texturing, tracking, animation using Octane Render


Masking, editing textures, bump maps, normal maps and 3D Compositing.

Adobe Illustrator

Creating vector graphics For After effects and Cinema 4D.

Using Element 3D inside of After effect, Modeling in Cinema 4D

Using Element 3D inside of After effects

Illustrator was used to draw the vectors and After Effects for composite and animation.

Drawn in Illustrator and Animated inside of After effects

Using Element 3D & Saber in After effects, Cinema 4D Modeling

Using Element 3D In After Effects, Modeling in Cinema 4D